Module 10 Discussion: Research Scavenger Hunt

In this assignment, you will create a scavenger hunt for your classmates in your chosen field of study using library databases (such as JSTOR, ProQuest, EBSCOHost, WilsonWeb, ERIC, and DOAJ). For example, if you are majoring in Psychology, use Psychology-related databases and articles. If you are not yet sure of your major, pick a subject area that interests you. The scavenger hunt should assist participants in familiarizing themselves with:

  • Academic Journals
  • Browsing the databases by Subject, Title, and Author/Publisher
  • Advanced Search functions
    • Boolean phrases
    • Using fields to narrow searches
      • Publication Dates
      • Item Type

The hunt must require students to visit at least three unique academic journals and articles and answer at least three questions about each, for a minimum of nine total questions. You should include the steps of the scavenger hunt. For example, one part of the scavenger hunt could say:

  1. Go to the JSTOR database.
  2. Browse by Subject.
  3. Select Education.
  4. Select the Research in Higher Education journal.
  5. Questions:
    1. What is please type in the name of one of the article titles from February 2014 55(1) Research in Higher Education.
    2. What is the main idea of that article?
    3. <Inswer your own question here>

STEP 1: Create a scavenger hunt by typing out a list of activities that send a fellow classmate to at least 3 academic articles within your library database. Make sure the hunt includes at least nine questions for them to answer. Post your scavenger hunt to the discussion forum.

STEP 2: Return to the forum and complete the scavenger hunt from a classmate (one that has not been completed already). Copy and paste their questions and your responses in your response. Add a paragraph reflecting on what you learned about research from this activity and what aspects of the scavenger hunt you found most helpful or challenging.


Assignment Rubric


Not Yet Proficient




Scavenger Hunt Search Methods Scavenger hunt does not utilize a search method or only uses a single search method. Scavenger hunt does not thoroughly explain the search methods Scavenger hunt demonstrates the use of at least two appropriate search methods and demonstrates how to go find the needed information __/2
Academic Databases and Articles 0-1 databases are used in the scavenger hunt 2 databases are used in the scavenger hunt, or articles are not scholarly Scavenger hunt walks students through the process of finding information from at least 3 academic databases and 3 corresponding articles __/3
Questions Not enough questions, or scavenger hunt questions are unclear Scavenger hunt includes some, but not all questions, or does not ask questions about the different articles. Scavenger hunt asks at least nine relevant and questions (three for each article). __/9
Scavenger Hunt Activity Does not complete the scavenger hunt posted by a classmate. Partially completes the scavenger hunt or inaccurately answers the questions. Successfully completes a scavenger hunt posted by a classmate, including the answers to the questions and a summary statement. Answers are accurate and demonstrate the completion of the activity. __/6