Module 9 Discussion: Logical Fallacy Advertisement

STEP 1: First, pick a product or service to advertise. It could be a fictitious object, or something real—products such as food items, cleaning or office supplies, furniture, tickets to an event or venue, or services such as tutoring help, lawn care, painting, cleaning, etc.

Create an advertisement for your product using a minimum of 3 fallacies you learned about in the module. You won’t explicitly say what fallacies you are incorporating in your ad, but you should make it obvious enough so that others can easily tell that you are exaggerating or manipulating claims. This can be a print advertisement, a radio advertisement (no longer than 1 minute), or a video advertisement (no longer than 2 minutes). You may use whatever format or program you’d like (PhotoShop, Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, Canva, YouTube, etc.). Your submission should include links to all of the resources you used to develop your advertisement.

STEP 2: Post your advertisement to the discussion forum.

STEP 3: Respond in two separate posts to two classmates (in at least 75 words). Try to guess which fallacies they included and why you think that. Elaborate on their post by thinking of other examples of those same logical fallacies or other ways they could include even more logical fallacies in a similar advertisement.

STEP 4: At the end of the week, return to your original post and let everyone know which logical fallacies you included in your advertisement.


Sample Grading Rubric
Criteria Proficient Developing Not Evident Points
Follows prompt directions Follows the prompt instructions. Somewhat follows the prompt instructions. Examples may incomplete. Does not follow the instructions. __/10
Responds to peers Response is engaged with peer’s post. Posts on time. Response is somewhat engaged with peer’s post. Post is short and/or late. Does not follow the instructions. __/10
Total: __/20