Introduction to Logical Fallacies

What you’ll learn to do: evaluate logical fallacies in argument

Fallacies are errors or tricks of reasoning. We call it an error of reasoning if the fallacy occurs accidentally; we call it a trick of reasoning if a speaker or writer uses the fallacy in order to deceive or manipulate his or her audience. The following are reasons to avoid logical fallacies in your writing:

  • Logical fallacies can ruin an otherwise effective argument.
  • Logical fallacies can damage your ethos, or credibility, as a writer.
  • Logical fallacies can distract from the purpose of the argument.

Watch It

This video introduces you to some common fallacies, which we’ll examine in more detail soon.

You can view the transcript for “Critical Thinking Part 3: The Man Who Was Made of Straw” here (opens in new window).



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