Access to Fire Protection Equipment

Access to Fire Protection Equipment

Identify a common obstruction to fire protection equipment.

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Can you find the automatic sprinkler system fire department connection in
this photograph?

It’s behind the shipping container in the right hand side of the picture.

The two storage containers are about 2 feet (610 mm) from the exterior wall of the building, making it impossible for firefighters to reach the fire department connection.

Setting temporary storage containers on a site may become a problem for fire department access. The use of these containers may increase during the holiday seasons or in anticipation of major seasonal sales. For some occupancies, these “temporary” containers have become a permanent part of the landscape.

Quick and convenient access to fire protection systems and equipment often is needed to minimize losses. The model fire codes all require that fire hydrants, fire department connections and fire system control valves (sprinklers, standpipes, tanks, pumps, etc.) are immediately “visible and accessible.”

If interfering conditions exist, the property manager or owner should be notified right away to have the obstructions moved. A record of the correction notice should be maintained in the occupancy’s inspection file.

For additional information, refer to NFPA 1, Uniform Fire Code™, Chapter 13; or International Fire Code®, Chapter 5.

Containers should be moved to expose the fire department connections.