Activity 2.2: Q and A Fire Protection in Warehouse Facilities


Read the attached report.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Describe a typical fire scenario for a warehouse.
  2. What fire prevention strategies are employed? How effective are they?
  3. What strategies are applied to the materials, products and environment in a warehouse, to limit fire ignitions, growth and spread?
  4. What active systems are found in warehouses? How effective are they?
  5. How is passive protection used in warehouses? How effective are these strategies?
  6. What are the hazards to the occupants of a warehouse during a fire?  Hazards to first responders?
  7. Are the hazards of a warehouse the same as the hazards in a warehouse store (like Costco)?
  8. What type of occupant protection is provided?
  9. How is evacuation achieved?
  10. Describe the fire protection features of warehouses.
  11. What are the issues for first responders?