Chapter 2 Glossary

Active Suppression Products and systems that when activated mitigate fire

Classification Sample has met test for specific properties of or a limited range of safety hazards such as a fire door or gypsum board

Code A document that is an extensive compilation of provisions covering broad subject matter or that is suitable for adoption into law independently of other codes and standards (NFPA)Company NameManufacturer of this product

Content Flammability and Interior Finish Built environment composed of and filled with materials that are designed to minimize fire growth

Detection and Alarm Devices and systems used to detect and communicate the presence of smoke and/or fire

Education and Prevention Efforts that positively impact the skills, knowledge and behavior to prevent fires and minimize the potential of products to start fires

Event Time A method to note significant events; time at which the fire is believed to have begun is 0:00 elapsed time and progresses forward as fire event unfolds

File Number Number that corresponds to Certification File in Directory

Fire Path The primary direction in which the fire spreads from the point(s) of origin

Fire Rating or Design Number Some products bear an hourly rating while others will specify with which Fire Resistant Designs or Assemblies they can be used

Fire Safety Solution How event on the timeline could have been or was mitigatedFire ServiceTrained men and women that work to extinguish a fire with the appropriate tools and equipment. Includes any fire department/EMS personnel at the fire ground, at a 911 center or local emergency operations command post.

Listing Mark Sample has met tests for reasonable and foreseeable safety hazards, including fire and shock such as a toaster or a washing machine

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory Certification MarkTrademark of Laboratory who has assessed product, such as UL

Occupant Anyone inside the structure at the time the fire event begins

Passive Resistance The design and construction of a built environment to compartmentalize a fire event and maintain structural integrity

Products or Systems Involved name of a product (fire damper, heat detector, spray applied fire resistive material) or system (annunciator) that is a part of the Fire Safety Solution

Recognition Sample has met safety requirements as a component to be used in a listed assembly such as power supplies used in a computer or plastic used for computer housing

Serial Number or Control Number Numbers for internal use by the laboratory for label usage or product source

Standard A published technical document that represents an industry consensus on how a material, product of assembly is to be designed, manufactured, tested or installed so that a specific level of performance is obtained (ICC)

Type of Certification Indicates how a product was certified by the Laboratory.  At UL, “Listed” indicates testing for multiple hazards while “Classification” implies testing for one specific hazard

Type of Product What the product is and how it was certified