Technology Today

Technology today is changing very rapidly and it is impossible to know everything. Ten years ago I felt I had a handle on most of the latest and greatest technologies for educators, but not anymore. For teachers, the pressure to use technology in the classroom stems from many sources, including district leadership, school administration, co-faculty, students, parents, community and local industry leaders. Educational Technology is evolving at a rate that is hard to comprehend, but I don’t get upset with this notion because I have developed my own confidence that I can figure out anything if it is necessary. In other words, as educators we need to be self-reliant because no will be there to hold our hand as we go through our teaching career.

How does this Apply to You? 

Your future administrators will tell you to use certain technologies in the classroom and expect that you will figure out how to use them on your own. When faced with a technology challenge, I suggest you look for answers on your own before seeking assistance.

Some Suggestions On How To Be Self Reliant

Youtube – The answer to understanding new concepts, tasks, problems, challenges etc. may be found on Youtube. For example, if you didn’t know how to double space a Word document you could search Youtube for the answer.  There is no guarantee that you will find the right answer on Youtube, but if can often help you get started. When an education student asks me a question regarding something technology-related, the first thing I do is do a Youtube search for the answer.

Google – This is the old standby, but it still can help us figure out problems we are having with technology. Once again, there is a lot of misinformation online, but with regard to technology, there are are a lot of wonderful resources that can help you.

Your School’s Library– Your school’s library may have resources to help you find the answers you are looking for. Many librarians are technology savvy and may know the answer or at know how to find the answer.

Training Courses – Be proactive and ask for training. While other educators may complain that they can’t find answers, you should see if training is available.

Of course these suggestions aren’t the ‘end all, be all’, but it can help point you in the right direction before you run to your, supervisor, mentor teacher, professor, principal for advice.

One of the best qualities a student OR educator can have is the ability to be self-reliant. Learn how not rely on others to spoon feed you every step of the way. If you always need to be spoon fed information, you will NOT survive in today’s competitive technology-driven world.