Motives for Teaching

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“Do What You Love-Love What You Do” ~ Ray Bradbury


People who engage in behaviors to receive praise, gain tangible rewards, or avoid punishment are extrinsically motivated (e.g., a fourth grader who works on her science project to win the prize for best project).

People who engage in behaviors to feel competent, gain mastery over some skill, or satisfy their curiosity are intrinsically motivated (e.g., a fourth grader who continues to work on a science project after the science fair is over to tinker with it further).

What Teachers Make

Sometimes you come across something so unique, so creative, you can’t help but share it. I love this video. His passion is too genuine to omit, however I could do with out the ‘bird’ and GD at the end. I apologize in advance if this offends, but I can’t kill a great four minute video because the last 10 seconds are a little ‘edgy.’ For a transcription please use this link.

Below is a video “”What Teachers Make, by Taylor Mali.” If the video does not show up below you can view it on YouTube by clicking this link.