IDEA: Exceptional Students


In every classroom you will have exceptional students. Within your credential classes, you’ll delve more deeply into how to support students who learn differently. In this course, we will cover a few introductory topics related to special education and teaching gifted & talented students. provides a great starting point for learning about IDEA. Click here to access a basic overview of IDEA. You can click through the additional links, but you are not expected to become an expert on IDEA this semester. You should understand what the IDEA term means and know where to go to find additional information.

LRE, Inclusion & Mainstreaming

As an educator, you should be familiar with the terms least restrictive environment, inclusion and mainstreaming. Click here to review an article that explains these terms.

Gifted & Talented

The National Association of Gifted Children provides clear definitions and information. Click here to read a definition of G&T. You may want to review additional links here, but you are not expected to be an expert on G&T at this point in your training.