Teaching Presentations: Online Classes


For the Teaching Presentation, you will record and post a teaching presentation into the Db in Bb. There will be a Db for your draft lesson plan and second Db for your draft PP or Prezi. For the final version of your presentation, you’ll do a screen capture using Screencast-o-matic.com . We will see your PP/Prezi and hear your voice teaching the lesson. You’ll also attach the final version of your lesson plan. You’ll do this on one thread in theTeaching Presentation Db in Bb. You’ll provide the link to watch your lecture from screecast-o-matic, do not upload a full PowerPoint file. (They are too big.) For full credit you’ll need to postIn short, here are your steps for this assignment

  • Decide the topic for your teaching presentation and post it into the Teaching Topics wiki in Bb
  • Create a draft lesson plan & visual aid (Prezi or PowerPoint). Submit them according to course calendar.
  • Finalize your lesson plan and visual aid
  • Record your teaching using Screencast-o-matic.com
  • Paste the screencast-o-matic video link into the Teaching Presentation Db in Bb
  • Periodically check your Teaching Presentation thread and post responses to your peers as needed. Your peers may have questions or need clarification. (Welcome to online teaching! <grin>)
  • Watch and participate in at least four (4) of your peers’ teaching presentations
  • For extra credit, you can participate in an additional two (2) peer teaching presentations

Both of the above items will be graded according to the rubrics shown below. The points will be visible with feedback in your My Grades.
For your participation points you’ll either need to attend (participate) in four peer teaching presentations in the Db.

If participating in the Db, you’ll need to:

  • Watch four of your peer’s teaching presentations
  • Complete the task/project/assessment associated with the teaching presentation as directed

* For extra credit you may watch and participate in two additional teaching presentations.

Project Objectives:

  • To prepare a lesson plan, including standards, goals/objectives, step-by-step instructional strategies, evaluation and references
  • To prepare an overhead visual aid, Prezi or PowerPoint to assist in delivering the curriculum
  • To practice instructing a group in an online¬†classroom environment
  • To get a taste of what teaching is all about.

Writing Your Lesson Plan

Hey everyone, each semester I get some of the same questions regarding the lesson plan drafts. Let me see if I can help you out.

  1. This is a ‘lesson’ to be taught to your classmates as if they are whatever grade level you designate. You’re going to select the grade, subject and lesson focus.
  2. What must be included in the lesson plan? I give a bulleted list below.
    1. Note that you will alignment with two or more of the Idaho Core Standards, which are exactly the same as ‘Common Core’ but called a different name
    2. Give credit to any websites or other resources used/referenced
  3. For the online EDUC 201 section, you’ll use screen-o-matic to record your online lecture. (http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ ) Then you’ll post the link in the Db. Your peers will watch your lesson, do the activity and post their results/project. You can also create an assessment in Survey Monkey or any other online assessment tool, and post that link to enable students to take a test or quiz related to your lesson.
  4. Check for Understanding. Your presentation should some quiz/short activity that your peers can complete to demonstrate their understanding of the subject you presented. How or what you require is limited only by your creativity. It should take students about 5-10 minutes to complete.

If you have additional questions, please e-mail me.

Lesson Plan Mechanics

One of the best places I’ve found to grab a lesson plan template is here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/?CTT=97 Find one that appeals to you. At a minimum, it should include:

  • Objectives
  • Alignment to Common Core Standards
  • Measurement that Objectives have been met (Assessment or CFU: Check For Understanding)
  • Rubric for assessment of student work (if collected)
  • Timeline (Minute-by-minute estimate of teaching time. Presentation should be 20 minutes.)
  • Detailed instruction of content
  • List of possible questions to ask the class during direct instruction
  • List of items required/to be prepared
  • List of Supplies
  • Room for Reflection Notes

Lesson Plan Writing

Visit http://www.crlt.umich.edu/gsis/p2_5 for help getting started writing your lesson plan.

Sample Lesson Plans
Here’s a quick video that reviews a good lesson plan. It’s short, 2-minutes! If the video does not show up below you can view it on YouTube by clicking this link.

Here is the sample of the plan. If the image below is not shown you can get it online by clicking this link

Teaching Presentation Rubrics

The following is the Online Teaching Presentation Rubric. If it does not show up below you can find it online by clicking this link

The following is the Online Teaching Lesson Plan Rubric. If it does not show up below you can find it online by clicking this link.


Idaho Common Core Standards This is the link to become more familiar with Idaho Core Standards. These standards are exactly the same as ‘Common Core’ standards – but for political reasons they’ve been renamed to ‘Idaho Common Core.
Bloom’s Taxonomy This is the link for using Bloom’s on devices in the classroom. The handout is very helpful in writing questions you can ask during your teaching presentation to see if the class is understanding your lecture. The question stems are arranged according to Bloom’s so you can ask progressively more challenging questions.