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The assignments in this course are openly licensed, and are available as-is, or can be modified to suit your students’ needs. If you import this course into your learning management system (Blackboard, Canvas, etc.), the assignments will automatically be loaded into the assignment tool. You can view them below or throughout the course.

Assignments and Alignment
Assignment Module
Assignment: Science of Geology Module 1: Science of Geology
Assignment: Rock Forming Minerals Module 2: Rock Forming Minerals
Assignment: Rocks and the Rock Cycle Module 3: Rocks and the Rock Cycle
Assignment: Weathering and Soil Formation Module 4: Weathering and Soil Formation
Assignment: Plate Tectonics Module 5: Plate Tectonics
Assignment: Earth’s Interior Module 6: Earth’s Interior
Assignment: Earthquakes Module 8: Earthquakes
Assignment: Mass Movement Module 10: Mass Movement
Assignment: Hydrology Module 11: Hydrology
Assignment: Geological Resources Module 12: Geological Resources


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