Why it Matters: Linear Functions

Suit Case with pictures on itWhy Learn About Linear Functions?

Joan wants to travel but does not have a lot of extra spending cash. She read on several travel blogs that a good way to travel is to get a credit card with air miles and use it for all the things you normally budget for. This way, a big chunk of your airfare can be paid for with air miles.

She applied for and got a credit card with air miles. Joan has planned to use her air miles card for the following things each month:

  • gas = [latex]$30[/latex]
  • car insurance = [latex]$40[/latex]
  • mobile phone bill = [latex]$65[/latex]
  • groceries = [latex]$150[/latex]
  • entertainment – restaurants, movies, and live music =¬†[latex]$50[/latex]

Each dollar she spends gives her [latex]1.25[/latex] air miles, and she expects to need about [latex]1200[/latex] air miles to buy the ticket she wants. Joan would like to plan for how long to save so she knows when to start looking for a good deal on airfare, but is not sure how to make sense of all the details of her budget and airfare needs.

In this module, you will learn how to take information like Joan’s and translate it into mathematical functions that can help answer questions like, “How long do I need to save to take a trip?” We will revisit Joan at the end of this module and help her figure out how long she will need to use her air miles card so she can go on her trip.