Assignment: Working


  • Identify jobs that college students frequently hold
  • Assess what type of job might best fit your current needs and situation


  1. Schedule a brief interview with a college representative from an institution who works with students to help them find jobs. This representative might be from the career center, counseling services, or the human resource department.
  2. Considering your field(s) of interest, personal skills, and lifestyle, ask the college representative the following questions:
    • What types of jobs would you recommend based on my interests and skills as me? Why?
    • What types of jobs would be most compatible with my availability/schedule?
    • What are the pros and cons of these jobs?
  3. After the interview, write a short paper (1–2 pages) summarizing what you found out. Do any of the jobs the college representative mentioned sound like opportunities you might pursue? Why or why not?