Outcome: What does it mean to be a metaliterate learner?

Throughout this course we will be discussing the learning outcomes you will be mastering in reference to the metaliteracy learning domain that they fall under.

The following is a short key & description to help you understand which domain the outcomes covered in each section fall under – indicated by the letter(s) in brackets after each outcome description:

  • Affective – what you feel during and after learning
  • Behavioral – what you can do after learning
  • Cognitive – what you know after learning takes place
  • Metacognitive – your reflection on your own learning

These domains will be defined and discussed further as you progress through the content in this module.

Learning Objectives

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand metaliteracy and its components (C)
  • See oneself as a metaliterate learner (M, A)
  • Apply principles of metaliteracy conscientiously to your learning (B)


By the end of this section, you will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of being a metaliterate learner
  • Analyze how you use the metaliteracy learning domains and which ones you need to strengthen
  • Identify the metaliterate learner roles you are comfortable with and two you would like to add to your repertoire.