Putting It Together: Metaliteracy

You have explored a variety of topics in this module. You have now learned:

  • what metaliteracy is–you probably have a much better understanding than when you first started this module!
  • how college and lifelong research can be viewed through the lens of metaliteracy
  • how you engage in active learning roles as information producer,collaborator, and other metaliterate roles
  • how your digital footprint impacts your online reputation and identity
  • how metaliterate learning will be essential throughout your life

Throughout this module, you have considered the four learning domains that are central to metaliteracy. You know that metaliteracy has a strong reflective or metacognitive component, and takes into account your feelings about learning (affective domain), what you actually learn as part of the process (cognitive domain), and what you are able to do (behavioral domain). Explore this interactive figure to refresh your memory of some of the things you’ve learned.

Now that you have reached the conclusion of this module, set aside a few minutes to consider the following questions:

  1. How do you plan to apply metacognition in future learning? How do you think metaliterate reflection will help you succeed in your academic pursuits and beyond?
  2. Are there ways to enhance your learning when you are unsure or apprehensive about what you are learning? What strategies might you draw from what you’ve learned about metaliteracy to help you persist and succeed?
  3. Have you come to realize that, although you are a learner, you can also be a teacher? What might you be able to teach to others and how would you teach it effectively?
  4. How might you apply collaborative learning moving forward?
  5. What questions should you ask yourself when you are participating in online communities and platforms?
  6. What will you create and share as a metaliterate producer of information?  How do you envision your next digital story? What are your responsibilities in this role?
  7. What would you like to share about the value of metaliteracy with others? How will you do this?

Congratulations on completing the Metaliteracy module! While you’ve reached the end of the module, your journey as a lifelong metaliterate learner is just beginning. As your embark on your college career, remember that you have the power to direct your own learning. By practicing self-reflection and considering the role of your emotions in your learning, you are empowered to take on active roles as an informed consumer and mindful creator of information who makes meaningful contributions to the knowledge landscape.