Text: Create Your Own Digital Story

Think Like a Metaliterate Producer and Collaborator:

Ethically remix and repurpose openly-licensed content. (B)

So far you have explored examples of digital stories, drafted an outline, storyboard and script for your own digital story idea, examined digital tools for creating and publishing digital content, searched the Creative Commons for openly-licensed digital materials, and investigated examples of Creative Commons licenses for your own work. You have also examined the responsibilities of an information producer.

Now you can pull it all together to create your own digital narrative. Work with the digital tool that makes the most sense for your narrative and bring your story idea to life. Follow your outline, storyboard, and script as closely as possible, while also being open to surprises and creative ideas that may arise during this process. Remember that you are also learning as you go and adapting to the technology as you are using it, while also asking critical questions about the technology and how it supports your ideas or makes the process more difficult.


Find an openly licensed digital story that interests you. After watching or listening to the story that you choose, respond to the following questions:

  1. Why did you select this one digital story from all the others?
  2. What did you find most engaging or most compelling about this story?
  3. What forms of content did you see or hear? Digital images, audio recordings, film or video?
  4. How did technology help to tell this story?
  5. How does this story inspire you to  envision your own digital narrative?