Text: Examining Your Online Presence

Your online behaviors paint a picture of who you are, including your habits, interests, likes and dislikes. But just like any reputation, the image that is projected may not always be accurate. Researchers at the University of Cambridge developed a tool that takes a snapshot of your digital footprint using your Facebook likes or other social media posts. Use Apply Magic Sauce to generate your predicted profile and see how others see you.

What did you think of the results? Did your profile present an accurate picture or was it totally off-base? Were you surprised at the suggested implications that your likes have on the way you are perceived?

For many of us, our online lives and our “real” lives are becoming more and more intertwined. Online environments provide a medium for creative self-expression and conversation, and our online behaviors make up a significant portion of our social lives. In many ways our online experiences may even shape who we are in real life.  But how real is this projected online identity?