Text: Introduction to Being a Metaliterate Digital Citizen

Social media has become increasingly embedded into our everyday lives as a mechanism for voicing our opinions, sharing our achievements, and connecting with each other over joys and heartaches. Our interactions and relationships online largely influence how we define ourselves and others.

But when does sharing become oversharing? How can you leverage the power of social media without compromising your privacy and safety? When does forming an online identity become inauthentic or even dangerous?

As a reflective metaliterate learner, you take charge of your learning and increase awareness about how you participate online and in a variety of social settings. This expands your understanding of the communities you join, observe, and contribute to. As a metaliterate digital citizen you are civic-minded, which means that you think about the responsibilities associated with being a part of groups, organizations, and communities. This requires you to be aware of the online personas you inhabit and present, and the reputation you create through the digital footprint left behind. As part of your digital citizenship, you are thoughtful about the information consumed and produced, and are careful about your digital identity and personal privacy. This reflective aspect of metaliteracy should also provide you with insights about the group itself and how other members of the community define responsibility and present their own personas.

As an introduction to this topic, watch this short video on the impact that technology has on interpersonal relationships in the 21st century.