Outcome: Entrepreneurs

What you’ll learn to do: identify the common traits of successful entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the fuel that drive small businesses and, in turn, much of the U.S. and world’s economies. Their creativity and willingness to take a risk or follow a dream generate jobs, personal wealth, and national economic prosperity. No doubt you recognize the product shown below:

Photo of two bags of Kingsford-brand charcoal and some charcoal briquettes.

But . . . did you know that it originated here?

Black-and-white photo of Highland Park Ford Motor Company

Believe it or not, Henry Ford gave us not only the Ford Motor Company but also Kingsford Charcoal. Henry Ford learned of a process for turning wood scraps from the production of Model Ts into charcoal briquets. So, he built a charcoal plant—and the rest is history. You can read more here.

The specific things you’ll learn in this section include:

  • Define entrepreneur
  • Identify the different categories of entrepreneurs
  • Identify the common traits of successful entrepreneurs
  • List common reasons for choosing to be an entrepreneur

Learning Activities

The learning activities for this section include:

  • Reading: What Is an Entrepreneur?
  • Reading: Why People Choose to Become Entrepreneurs
  • Self-Check: Entrepreneurs