1.3 Tips on Creating Closed-Captioning via YouTube

YouTube will auto-generate closed captions for videos, which is a quick and easy way to make videos more accessible.  However, the auto-recognition software does not understand many technical words, and can also misunderstand pronunciation of common words.  Here is a protocol for editing and re-posting closed captions so that they are scientifically and gramatically correct:

  1. Download the .srt file from the YouTube Video Manager.
  2. Edit the .srt file with a text editor.
  3. Save the edited file as a .srt file to maintain the time stamp format.
  4. Upload the updated .srt file to the YouTube Video Manager.
  5. Unpublish and delete the Youtube auto-created closed caption file.
  6. Publish the edited .srt file (it can be saved as the English closed caption option).

Deleting the original auto-produced closed captioning will prevent users from accidentally choosing the original incorrect closed captions.

A snapshot of the YouTube Video Manager

License and Attributions

Text written by Juhong Christie Liu, James Madison University (JMU).

CC-by License