1.1 How to use this book (and write your own)

This “book” is meant to be used in pieces

Even though some units or modules draw upon knowledge from previous modules, this book does not necessarily need to be used in sequence.  We intend instructors to use the parts that are helpful for their courses or research students.

This “book” is meant to be remixed 

Take what is useful, then modify it and use it as your own (as long as you give us credit for making the original)! We are using a CC-by license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/).  Just make sure that you don’t take licensed material from the reference list or external links.

Write your own chapters!

Here is the template we use to write each module page:


2.3 Title


Learning Objectives

Learning objective.

Prior Knowledge and Skills


Key Terms



Guided Inquiry


Concept Check

If you are unsure of your answers to the Concept Checks, then please read the Summary and revisit the Concept Checks if needed.



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