E.1 Liquid Nitrogen

We will use liquid nitrogen (LN2) to cool the detectors on the FTIR spectrometer.  It is also used to cool the detectors on some Scanning Electron Microscopes.

This website summarizes important points about liquid nitrogen safety and how to handle a dewar: https://www.tedpella.com/cryo-supplies_html/HandlingLiquidNitrogen.htm.

This video shows us filling a detector with liquid nitrogen at JMU:

This video talks about filling a dewar.  We will just be transferring LN2 from the dewar into a smaller container, then into the FTIR.  However, this short video goes over most of the basic safety procedures.

This video has more information than most situations call for.  Watch until you understand the 3 types of hazards associated with LN2:


AMiGEO (4/30/2018) FTIR: Adding Liquid Nitrogen to an MCT-A Detector. https://youtu.be/yWEf5lkEHnM

Drmcmartin (2/4/2011) Filling a hand dewar with liquid nitrogen at the ALS. https://youtu.be/UU0sbIWO91Y

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