8.4 Parts of an FTIR Spectrometer


FTIR light source:

FTIR interferometer:

FTIR interferometer in action:

Can you label the parts of the FTIR spectrometer?

FTIR Spectrometer

ATR (attenuated total Reflectance) accessory:

We will look at data obtained using the ATR accessory.  The ATR is a diamond substrate with a compression bar.  One places a solid (usually powdered) sample on the diamond surface, then presses down upon it with the bar.  The infrared light is aimed into the diamond, where it reflects through the diamond but also interacts with the sample.

We will cover the operation of the ATR in a later section.

This tutorial is a crash course in FTIR spectroscopy- it includes the parts of the basic FTIR spectrometer, but more about the theory and history as well:
Infrared spectroscopy tutorial: