A Class Divided Reflection Activity

As you watch the first two chapters of the Frontline Program, “A Class Divided,” record your thoughts and reactions. Chapter 1 is “The Daring Lesson” and Chapter 2 is “Day Two.”

After viewing these chapters, complete the reflection exercise below. You don’t need to respond to every topic listed; rather, they are intended to provide ideas to reflect on how diversity has impacted your life.


Your reflection should cover a variety of topics, such as some of the following:

  • your reactions
  • your observations
  • your conversations or experiences with others as related to diversity (work, education, volunteerism, leisure activities, et cetera)
  • an experience you’ve had or witnessed that was similar
  • an experience that made you feel uncomfortable about a certain aspect of your identity
  • an experience that was clearly the result of stereotyping or misperceptions

Comments may cover any aspect of the video content, but should focus on diversity.