Chapter 10 Review

What Should I Know About College Policies?

Chapter Takeaways

  • Study the College Catalog and Student Handbook and talk with an advisor to ensure you understand the role of core classes, electives, and major courses in your program or degree requirements.
  • To avoid inadvertently finding yourself in trouble, know your college’s policies for academic issues and campus behavior.
  • Taking advantage of the many resources your college offers to help you with a wide range of academic and personal matters is essential for success in college.
  • If you feel you’re a victim of harassment, it’s important to report it to the appropriate college authority. If you are unsure where to go, first go to Public Safety.


I could look up information in the College Catalog and Handbook if I experience issues with any of the following three problems:




When planning my future courses, the College Catalog and Handbook can help me in the following ways:




Monroe Community College recognizes the rights and responsibilities of students in these ways: