Choosing Your Major and MCC School

Learning Objectives

By the end of this section, you will be able to:

  • Understand how your major can be important to your career.
  • Understand why majors are not always important to a career.
  • Practice skills for selecting a good major.
  • Explore a listing a majors for each of MCC’s six Schools.

Man surrounded by paperworkChoosing a college major can have a big impact on your career choices, especially if you are following a technical or vocational program of study. After all, it’s hard to become a pharmacist if you study computer networking.

Choosing a major or program of study is one decision that often causes students stress or anxiety. The following information is intended to lessen some of those feelings:

  • Your choice of major or program may be important only for your first job after college; most people change careers (not just jobs, but careers) five times or more in their lifetime, and there is no possible major that will cover that level of flexibility.
  • Many majors and programs share foundation courses with other majors, so you can often change your major without having wasted time in courses unrelated to your new major. Chances are that if you change your major, it will be to something similar, especially if you have completed an occupational interest survey as recommended earlier in this chapter.
  • Most students change their major at least once, and many will change majors two or three times before graduating.
  • If a change in major does cause a delay in completing your degree, it may be a good investment of time to follow a career path with which you are truly happy.

While these thoughts might remove some of the stress of making the choice, there is no doubt that it is not always easy to make your choice. The following tips may make it a little easier and perhaps even fun.

  • Follow your dreams. Your first instinct in choosing a field of study is probably based on your dreams and life experience. Make sure you base your choice on your own dreams and interests and not those of a parent, spouse, or friend.
  • Sign reading if in doubt, please askMake it fun. What do you like to do for fun? What kinds of magazines do you read? What websites are bookmarked on your computer? What kinds of volunteer work have you done? What do the answers to these questions tell you about the kind of career you would enjoy?
  • Build on your skills. A good choice of a program of study is not based exclusively on your likes; it should also consider your skills. What courses did you “ace” in high school? Consider also courses that you found challenging in which you learned a lot. What do these courses tell you about what you are skilled at studying?
  • Research. Check out websites such as: “What can you do with a major in?” ( Find out the type of courses required in a certain major. Visit the Career Center (Building 3 Room 108, Brighton Campus) or Student Services (5th Floor, Damon City Campus) for more information.
  • Ask around. Find people who are following the courses of study you are considering. Ask them what they like and dislike about their majors. If you can find recent graduates with that major, ask them about the value of their major.
  • Be open to change. Once you have selected a major, don’t panic if it turns out to be the wrong choice; consider it a step toward finding the right program for you. Repeat the major selection process, but carefully consider what you learned from your original major choice. Why wasn’t it the right major? (Did it not match your interests? Was the workload too heavy? Were the courses too tough?) What do you know now that you didn’t know when you made your first selection that you should consider in making a new choice?

Guide to the MCC Schools and Holland Codes

In the previous section in this chapter, you identified your specific Holland Code.  In the section below, you can use that code to help you choose an appropriate School and a major within that School.  At our institution, there are six Schools, or Academic Clusters sometimes referred to as meta-majors, and each School offers a variety of majors from which students can choose. The purpose of the Schools at MCC is to provide academic homes and clear pathways to every student so they know they are on track to completing college and achieving their goals and dreams.

The Schools at Monroe Community College
Holland Codes diagram


While programs at MCC lead to many careers under all of the Holland codes, below are typical Holland code career paths you may find in the respective Schools.

School of Arts and Humanities
Typical Holland Codes found in School: AES

Major at MCC MCC Code
Advertising: Commercial Art (A.S.) AD01
Cinema & Screen Studies (A.S.) CN01
Communication & Media Arts (A.S.) CM01
English Literature (Sequence) (A.A.) LH03
Fine Arts (A.S.) FA01
Interior Design (A.A.S.) ID01
Liberal Arts & Sciences – Arts/Humanities LAS6
Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities & Social Sciences (A.S.) LH01
Music Performance (A.S.) MU01
Philosophy (Sequence) (A.A.) LH04
Popular Culture (Sequence) (A.A.) LH05
Theatre (A.S.) TH01
Visual Communications: Graphic Design (A.A.S.) VC01
Visual Communications: Photo/Television (A.A.S.) VC02

School of Business, Hospitality, and Entrepreneurism
Typical Holland Codes found in School: ECS

Major at MCC MCC Code
Accounting: General (A.A.S.) AC01
Business Administration (A.S.) BU01
Business: International Business (A.S.) BI01
Computer Information Systems (A.A.S.) CI01
Computer Information Systems (A.S.) CI02
Culinary Arts (Cert.) HM09
Entrepreneurial and Applied Business (A.A.S.) EP01
Food Management (Cert.) HM08
Golf Management (Cert.) HM13
Hospitality Management: Event Planning (Sequence) (A.A.S.) HM12
Hospitality Management: Food Service and Culinary Arts (Sequence) (A.A.S.) HM02
Hospitality Management: Golf Management (Sequence) (A.A.S.) HM03
Hospitality Management: Hotel Technology (Sequence) (A.A.S.) HM04
Hospitality Management: Travel & Tourism (Sequence) (A.A.S.) HM07
Hotel Management (Cert.) HM10
Liberal Arts & Sciences – Business, Hospitality, & Entrepreneurism LAS1
Nutrition (Sequence) (A.S.) LA10
Office Technology: Medical Office Assistant (Cert.) OF06
Office Technology: Office Administrative Assistant (A.A.S.) OF02
Small Business Management (Cert.) BS02
Travel & Tourism (Cert.) HM11

School of Community Engagement and Development
Typical Holland Codes found in School: SRC

Major at MCC MCC Code
Addictions Counseling (A.S.) AS01
Addictions Counseling (Cert.) AS02
Child Care Practitioner (Sequence) (A.S.) HU05
Criminal Justice (A.S.) CJ01
Criminal Justice: Institutional Corrections (A.A.S.) CJ02
Criminal Justice: Police Science (A.A.S.) CJ03
Direct Disability Support Services (Cert.) DD02
Early Care (Cert.) EE02
Education: Adolescence (Grades 7-12) (A.A.) EA01
Education: Childhood (Grades 1-6) (A.A.) EC01
Education: Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 2) (A.A.) EE01
Emergency Medical Services (Cert.) EM02
Fire Protection Technology (A.A.S.) FR01
Homeland Security (Cert.) EM04
Human Services (A.A.S.) HU01
Human Services (A.S.) HU10
Human Services (Cert.) HU02
Liberal Arts & Sciences – Community Engagement & Development LAS2
Paralegal Studies (Cert.) PL01
Paramedic (A.A.S.) EM01
Paramedic (Cert.) EM05
Teaching Assistant: Adolescence (Cert.) TA02
Teaching Assistant: Early Childhood/Childhood (Cert.) TA03
Teaching Assistant: Technology (Cert.) TA04

School of Health Sciences and Physical Wellness
Typical Holland Codes found in School: SIR

Major at MCC MCC Code
Clinical Laboratory Technician/Medical Laboratory Technician (A.A.S.) CL01
Dental Assisting (Cert.) DA01
Dental Assisting Rapid Track (Cert.) DA03
Dental Hygiene (A.A.S.) DH01
Health Information Technology (A.A.S.) HI01
Health Related (A.S.) HS05
Health Studies (A.S.) HS01
Liberal Arts & Sciences – Health Sciences & Wellness LAS4
Liberal Arts: Health Related (A.S.) LA05
Nursing (A.A.S.) NU01
Nursing: Advanced Standing 2 Semester Option for LPN’s (A.A.S.) NU03
Nursing: Advanced Standing 3 Semester Option for LPN’s (A.A.S.) NU02
Physical Education & Exercise Science (A.S.) PE01
Radiologic Technology (A.A.S.) RA01
Sports Management (A.S.) SM01
Surgical Technology (A.A.S.) SG01

School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
Typical Holland Codes found in School: RIC

Major at MCC MCC Code
Agriculture and Food Studies (Cert.) AG02
Air Conditioning Technology: Heating & Ventilation (A.A.S.) HV01
Applied Integrated Technology (Manufacturing) (A.A.S.) AI01
Apprentice Training: Machine Trades (A.A.S.) PM03
Automotive Technology (Cert.) AT02
Automotive Technology, Automotive (Evening) (A.A.S.) AT01
Automotive Technology: General Motors (A.A.S.) AT03
Automotive Technology: Toyota/Scion/Lexus (A.A.S.) AT04
Biology (A.S.) LSB1
Biotechnology (A.A.S.) BT01
Chemistry (A.S.) LSC1
Computer Science (A.S.) CS01
Computer Systems Technology (A.A.S.) CP01
Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (Cert.) MT02
Construction Technology (A.A.S.) CT01
Cyber Security CY02
Electrical Engineering Technology: Electronics (A.A.S.) ET01
Electronics Technology (Cert.) ETX1
Engineering Science (A.S.) EN01
Engineering Science: Aero/Civil/Mechanical Engineering (Sequence) (A.S.) EN02
Engineering Science: Chemical Engineering (Sequence) (A.S.) EN03
Engineering Science: Computer Engineering (Sequence) (A.S.) EN04
Engineering Science: Electrical Engineering (Sequence) (A.S.) EN05
Environmental Science (Sequence) (A.S.) LS04
Geosciences (Sequence) (A.S.) LS05
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (Cert.) HV02
Information & Network Technology (A.A.S.) IN01
Information Technology (A.S.) IT01
Liberal Arts & Sciences – STEM LAS3
Mathematics (A.S.) MC02
Mathematics (Cert.) MC01
Mechanical Technology (A.A.S) MT01
Optical Systems Technology (A.A.S) OT01
Optical Systems Technology (Cert.) OT02
Optical Systems Technology: Electro-Optics (Sequence) (A.A.S.) OT03
Physics (A.S.) PY01
Pre-Chiropractic (Sequence) (A.S.) LA12
Precision Machining (A.A.S.) PM01
Precision Machining: Optical Fabrication (Cert.) PM04
Precision Tooling (Cert.) PM02
Precision Tooling Accelerated (Cert.) PMA2
Pre-Forestry (Sequence) (A.S.) LS07
Pre-Pharmacy (Sequence) (A.S.) LS08
Solar Thermal Technology (Cert.) ST02
Sustainability (A.S.) SC02
Sustainability (Cert.) SC01

School: Social Sciences and Global Studies
Typical Holland Codes found in School: SIA

Major at MCC MCC Code
African American Studies (A.S.) AF01
Gender & Sexuality Studies (A.S.) GE01
Global Studies (A.S.) GL01
History (Sequence) (A.S.) LA17
Liberal Arts & Sciences – Social Sciences & Global Studies LAS5
Political Science (Sequence) (A.S.) LA11
Psychology (A.S.) PC01
Urban Studies (A.S.) UR01

Key Takeaways

  • Most students will change their major during their college years.
  • Many people work and have successful careers in disciplines in which they did not major.
  • There are resources to help you find out what you can do with different majors.
  • Your Holland Code may help you determine an MCC School and major.
  • Belonging to a School provides an academic home and a clear pathway to graduation.