Chapter 2 Review

Who am I and What are My Goals?

Chapter Takeaways

  • The first year of college is the most critical. Make the commitment to overcome any obstacles to a successful transition and stay committed and motivated to succeed.
  • Although college students differ in many ways, all successful students share certain common traits, including a positive attitude, effective critical thinking skills, good time management skills, effective study skills, interactions with instructors and other students, and good habits for personal health and financial stability.
  • It’s important to have short-, mid-, and long-term goals that are specific, realistic, time oriented, and attainable. Goals help you set priorities and remain motivated and committed to your college success. Work to stay positive and surround yourself with positive people.


1. Describe the characteristics of well-written goals.





2. List at least four or five things you can do to develop a more positive attitude.





Make an Action List

One success I’ve had so far in college is:





Here are several things I’ll do to remain positive and motivated:





One personal value I have that will help me achieve my goals is:





As I transition to college, here’s what I’ll do to stay focused in my first year:





I will immediately start taking these steps to ensure I succeed in my classes:





I have set the following realistic, specific, and time-oriented goals: