Chapter 4 Review

Personal Responsibility: What’s on Me?


1. List at least three benefits of social interaction with a variety of different people on your college campus.





2. What can you do to demonstrate that you are really listening to the other person in a conversation?





3. Mark each of the following communication strategies as passive, assertive, or aggressive:

Agreeing with everything another person says
Hesitating to say something the other may disagree with
Being honest and confident when expressing your ideas
Joking sarcastically about something the other says
Showing your very critical reaction to another’s ideas
Offering your opinion while respecting other opinions

Make an Action List

I will use these communication techniques for more successful interactions in the future:





Sometimes I am too passive (or too assertive) when talking with these people:





I can do these things to be more (or less) assertive in my communication:





Additional Resources

Take the self assessment in the following link to learn more about your teamwork skills:

If you are having difficulty working in a group, the article “The 8 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People” offers suggestions that may be useful to you.