Medical Terminology

When interpreting complex medical terms, it is best to learn root words and word endings individually.  When the words are combined, understanding the meanings will be much simpler.

Medical Terminology

gastr- stomach

  • gastrectomy (gastr/ectomy) the surgical removal or excision of all or parts of the stomach.

enter- intestines

  • enteric (enter/ic) means pertaining to or of the intestines.

hepat- liver

  • hepatomegaly (hepat/o/megal/y) denotes an enlargement of the liver.

gingiv- gums

  • gingivoplasty (gingiv/o/plast/y) denotes the plastic or surgical repair of the gums.


  • cholecystectomy (chole/cyst/ectomy)- is the surgical removal or excision of the gallbladder 

ostomy- to create an opening

  • gastroenterostomy (gastr/o/enter/ostomy) is the surgical creation of an opening between the stomach and the intestines.

proct- anus

  • proctoplasty (procto/plast/y) the surgical repair of the anus/rectum

glosso- tongue

  • glossoscopy (glosso/scop/y) refers to the observation or inspection of the tongue.

dent- teeth

  • dental (dent/al) means pertaining to the teeth

emesis- vomiting

  • cholemesis (chol/emesis) denotes vomiting of bile.

odont- tooth

  • odontic (odont/ic) pertains to the tooth

cheil- lip

  • cheilocarcinoma (cheil/o/carcin/oma) is a canceroud tumor of the lip

cele- hernia, tumor or swelling

  • myocele(my/o/cele) is a herniated tumor of a muscle

celio- abdomen

  • celiotomy (celi/otomy) is the surgical procedure of making an incision or cut into the abdominal cavity.

lingua- tongue



  • circumoral (circum/or/al) refers to the area around the mouth

stoma- mouth or opening

umbilic- navel

lapar- abdominal wall

  • laparogastrostomy (lapar/o/gastr/ostomy) is the creation of a permanent opening to the stomach through the abdominal wall. 

phage- to eat, swallow


moment-covering of internal abdominal organs

fistul- pipe, narrow passage





cec- blind passage

  • cecum (cec/um) is a large pouch having only one opening located at the beginning of the large intestines.

pyle/pyloro- gate

osis- condition of

  • gastrosis (gastr/osis) kondition of the stomach