Medical Terminology

adnexa–  ties, connections, joined to (typically applies to the ocular adnexa which are structures joined as part of the lacrimal apparatus of the eye and the uterine adnexa which are connections to the uterus such as the ovaries and uterine tubes)

  • adnexitis – adnex/ities: inflammation of the uterine adnexa

auto–  self

  • autolysis – auto/lysis:  destruction of self (a cell destroying its own organelles)

centesis   puncture

  • cardicentesis:  cardi/centesis:  surgical puncture or incision of the heart

cilia– : eyelash or hair-like projection

  • ciliogenesis – cili/o/genesis: the formation or development of cilia

contra–  opposite to or against

  • contraception – contra/ception:  against conception (prevention of pregnancy)

cyte   cell

  • hemocyte – hem/o/cyte:  blood cell

eu–  good, well, normal

  • eupnea – eu/pnea:  normal breathing, normal respiration

hemi–  half; a part of

  • hemicrania – hemi/cran/ia:  affecting one side of the head

hyper–  above, more than normal

  • hypertension – hyper/tension:  excessive tension; more than normal blood pressure

hypo–  under, less than normal

  • hypodermic – hypo/derm/ic:  underneath the skin (“derm” means skin)

-iasis – condition; formation of

  • elephantiasis – elephant/iasis:  condition of the enlargement of body parts

iso–  equal, the same

  • isocellular – iso/cell/ul/ar:  cells that are the same size and kind

-lysis   loosening, destruction, breaking down

  • hemolysis – hem/o/lysis:  the destruction of red blood cells

morph–  form, shape, figure

  • metamorphosis – meta/morph/osis:  a condition of changing shape (“meta” means ‘to change’ and “osis” means ‘condition’)

-penia  decrease; deficiency of

  • lipopenia – lip/o/penia:  deficiency of lipids (fats)

pod–   foot

  • podia – pod/ia – pertaining to the foot

pre–  in front of; before

  • preoperative- pre/operative:  before an operation

pro–  in front of, before

  • prolapse – pro/lapse:  a slipping forward (or out of place) of an organ or part

radi–  ray; beam

  • radiology – radi/ology:  the study of X-rays

somato–  body

  • somatomegaly:  enlargement of the body (gigantism); “megal” means ‘enlarged’