Medical Terminology

benign – mild; not cancerous

  • benign malaria:  not threatening life or health

-blast – bud; embryonic cell

  • lipoblast – lip/o/blast: a tissue cell that develops into a fat cell (an embryonic fat cell)

cauda– tail; tail part of the body; the “rear end”

  • caudal – caud/al:  pertaining to the tail (the “rear end”)

chondr– cartilage

  • chondrocyte – chondr/o/cyte:  cartilage cell

colla – glue

  • collagen – colla/gen:  the gelatinlike or sticky substance of skin, bone, cartilage, and connective tissue

cut – skin

  • cutitis – cut/itis:  inflammation of the skin

duct – tube, channel, canal; lead or draw away or toward

  • ductless glands – glands that produce secretions introduced directly into the blood stream rather than through a duct

encephal – brain

  • encephalic – encephal/ic:  pertaining to the brain

ex– out; away from

  • exogenic – ex/o/gen/ic:  produced outside, originating outside the body

histo– tissue

  • histology – hist/ology:  the study of tissues of the body

kerat– horn-like, rough tissue; also the cornea of the eye

  • keratoderma – kerat/o/derma:  a horn-like, rough skin or covering

-malacia – soft, soft condition

  • cardiomalacia – cardi/o/malacia:  softening of the heart

malign– bad; harmful

  • malignancy – malign/ancy:  a tendency to spread or become progressively worse (used frequently with cancerous growths which spread and invade tissues of the body)

mening– membrane; the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord

  • meningitis – mening/itis:  inflammation of the membranes covering the brain

neo– new

  • neoplasm – neo/plasm:  a new growth such as a tumor

-ost – bone; bone tissue

  • ostalgia – ost/algia:  pain in the bone or bones

pseud– false, imaginary

  • pseudopregancy – pseud/o/pregnancy – false pregnancy

squam – scale/ a scale, a platelike structure (such as scales on a fish)

  • squamous – squam/ous:  scaly or platelike

traumat– wound, injury

  • traumatology – traumat/ology:  the study and treatment of wounds and injuries

vicero– organ/ an internal organ or the internal organs of the body

  • visceroptosis – viscer/o/ptosis:  a dropping or falling down of the viscera (ptosis = dropping/falling down)