Medical Terminology

algia – pain; painful condition

  • cerebralgia – cerebr/algia:  headache (pain in the head)

basi– base

  • basal – bas/al:  pertaining to or situated near a base

cantho– angle at the end of the eyelid

  • canthus – canth/us:  name of the corner of the eye

dermat– the skin

  • dermatoplasty – dermat/o/plasty:  surgical repair of the skin

-desis – binding

  • arthrodesis – arthr/o/desis:  surgical fusion of a joint

gran– grain or particle

  • granuloma – gran/ul/oma:  a tumor composed of grainy tissue

-itis – inflammation of

  • dermatitis – dermat/itis:  inflammation of the skin

melan– black/ the color black

  • melanocyte – melan/o/cyte:  the cell responsible for producing a black pigment (melanin)

myco– fungus

  • dermatomycosis – dermat/o/myc/osis:  a fungus infection of the skin (example:  athlete’s foot)

necr– dead

  • necrosis – necr/osis:  death of tissue

-ologist – a specialist in the study of

  • dermatologist – dermat/ologist:  specialist in the study of the skin

-ology – the study of

  • dermatology – the study of the skin

onych – nail or claw

  • onychectomy:  onych/ectomy:  surgical removal of the nail or nail bed

orth– straight; correct, normal

  • anorthopia – an/orth/opia:  without normal vision; distorted vision

pachy– thick

  • pachydermia – pachy/derm/ia:  abnormal thickness of the skin

pilo– hair

  • pilosis – pil/osis:  excessive growth of hair

-ptosis – falling; sagging, drooping

  • hepatoptosis – hepat/o/ptosis:  falling or displacement of the liver

-tegument – skin or covering

  • integumentary – integument/ary:  pertaining to the skin

therm– heat

  • hyperthermia – hyper/therm/ia:  abnormally high body temperature

xer – dry

  • xeroderma – xer/o/derm/a:  dry skin