Medical Terminology

ab– away from

  • abnormal – ab/normal:  away from normal

acro – extremities

  • acromegaly – acro/megal/y: enlargement of the extremities

arthr– joint

  • arthritis – arthr/itis:  inflammation of a joint

burso– sac, any baglike cavity, especially a sac containing fluid at places of friction in the body (joints)

  • bursitis – burs/itis:  inflammation of a bursa

-clas/-clast – break, destroy

  • osteoclasia – oste/o/clasia:  the destruction and absorption of bone

cost– rib, side

  • epicostal – epi/cost/al:  situated upon a rib

-esthesia – sensation, feeling

  • anesthesia – an/esthesia:  the condition of lack of feeling

fiss– split; cleave

  • fissure – fiss/ure:  any cleft or groove

ger– old

  • geriatrics – ger/iatr/ics:  the branch of medicine that deals with the diseases and hygiene of old age

-ili – ilium; flat uppermost portion of the 3 sections of the hipbone

  • iliocostal – ili/o/cost/al:  pertaining to the ilium and ribs

maxill – upper jawbone

  • maxillolabial – maxill/o/loabi/al:  pertaining to the upper jawbone and the lip

myel– marrow or spinal cord

  • osteomyelitis – oste/o/myel/itis:  inflammation of the bone and its marrow

-pexy – suspension; fixation (this term is used more often than -desis)

  • gastropexy – gastr/o/pexy:  surgical fixation of the stomach

proxim– near, nearest

  • proximal – nearest to a point of reference

ramus– branch or branch-like projecting part

  • ramitis – ram/itis:  inflammation of a ramus

scol– curved, twisted, crooked

  • rachiscoliosis – rach/i/scoli/osis:  curvature of the spine

sept– wall, fence

  • nasal septum – na/sal/ sept/um:  the partition separating the two nasal cavities

spondyl– spinal column or vertebra

  • spondylopathy – spondyl/o/pathy:  a disease of the vertebrae

tarso– ankle region

  • tarsal – tars/al:  pertaining to the ankle bones

vovl– to turn, roll, roll over

  • convolution – con/volut/ion:  rolled together, a twisting or winding surface