Medical Terminology

asthenia – weakness

  • myoasthenia – my/o/asthenia:  muscle weakness

blephar– the eyelid

  • blepharitis – blephar/itis:  inflammation of the eyelid

brachy– short

  • brachycheilia – brachy/cheil/ia:  shortness of the lip

capit/cep/cip–  head

  • occipital – oc/cipit/al:  pertaining to the back of the head

fascia – sheet; band; specifically fascia refers to connective tissues throughout the body that anchors and holds tissues together

  • fasciorrhaphy – fasci/o/rrhaphy:  the suturing together of torn fascia

-gram – record; write a record

  • myogram – my/o/gram:  record of a muscle contraction

infra– beneath

  • inframaxillary – infra/maxill/ary:  beneath the jaw

inter– between

  • intermuscular – inter/muscul/ar:  between muscles

intra – within

  • intraspinal – intra/spin/al:  within the vertebral column

labi– lip or lip-like structure

  • labiodental – labi/o/dent/al:  pertaining to the lips and teeth

mechano– machine; used in reference to movement or active process

  • mechanotherapy – mechano/therap/y

my– muscle

  • angiomyoma – angi/o/my/oma:  tumor of blodd vessels and muscle tissue

platy/plak – flat or broad like a plate; a patch

  • leukoplakia – leuk/o/plak/ia:  the development of white patches upon the tissues of the mouth

rhexis – break, burst

  • angiorrhexis – angi/o/rrhexis:  rupture of a blood vessel

-rrhaphy – suture; the action of suturing

  • myorrhaphy – my/o/rrhaphy:  suturing of a muscle

sarc– flesh/ fleshy material

  • sarcoma – sarc/oma:  a tumor made up of fleshy substances (muscle and connective tissues)

spasm– involuntary contraction

  • blepharospasm – blephar/o/spasm:  involuntary contraction of the eyelid

-strict – to draw tight

  • spastic stricture – spast/ic strict/ure:  a stricture due to a muscle spasm

tens and ton – stretch; the act of stretching

  • tension – tens/ion:  the act of being stretched

-trophy – development

  • hypertrophy – hyper/trophy:  over or excessive development