Medical Terminology

astr– star-shaped

  • astrocyte – astr/o/cyte:  a star-shaped cell

aur and oto– ear

  • auricle – aur/i/cle:  the projecting part of the ear lying outside the head
  • parotid – par/ot/id:  situated near the ear (the parotid salivary gland is near the ear)

dacry– tear (dacry is typically used with conditions related to tear production)

  • dacryoadenitis – dacry/o/aden/itis:  inflammation of a lacrimal or tear gland

dendr– tree; branching

  • dendrite – dendr/ite:  name for the nerve fibers that extend from a nerve cell

dura– hard; used principally as a shortened form of the dura mater (outer layer of meninges)

  • epidural – epi/dur/al:  pertaining to the space upon or exterior to the dura mater

gangli– swelling; knotlike mass; denotes a relationship to ganglion (mass of nerve cells outside the brain and spinal cord)

  • gangliocytoma – gangli/o/cyt/oma:  a tumor containing ganglion cells

iris– rainbow

  • iris – name of the colored membrane of the eye

lacrim– tear (lacrim is typically used to denote the body parts or structures of tear production)

  • lacrimotomy – lacrim/otomy:  incision of the lacrimal duct

macul – spot

  • macula – macul/a:  a spot or blotch

mani– madness, mental disturbance

  • megalomania – megal/o/mani/a:  delusion of having extreme greatness or power

myring– eardrum

  • myringoscopy – myring/o/scop/y:  inspection of the eardrum using a myringoscope

ocul/opt/opthalm – eye

  • oculopathy – ocul/o/path/y:  any disease or disorder of the eye

olfact– smell, to smell

  • olfactophobia – olfact/o/phobi/ia:  morbid aversion to odors

palpebr– eyelid

  • palpebration – palpebr/ation:  abnormally frequent winking

phot– light

  • photoallergy – phot/o/allergy:  an allergic sensitivity to light

-plexus – braid, an interweaving network

  • subplexal – sub/plex/al:  beneath a plexus or network of vessels or nerves

psycho– mind; mental processes

  • psychic – psych/ic:  pertaining to the mind

scler– hard or “white of the eye”

  • sclerosis – a condition of the hardening of a structure

thalam– inner chamber

  • thalamus – thalam/us:  name for the large gray mass in the brain

tympan– eardrum

  • tympanic membrane – tympan/ic:  name for the eardrum