Understanding your Audience

As a presenter, you also have an obligation to factor your audience into the design and development of your entire presentation, from relevant examples to appropriate language and subject matter depth. Learn about your audience to ensure you deliver a message that resonates. Though a few assumptions can be reasonably based on observations, limiting guesswork through research will render the most useful information. For example, when delivering a presentation for a college classroom, you can reasonably assume your audience is currently living in the general area of the school, is enrolled at the school, and is currently taking the same speech class; however, not all these assumptions will stand if the classroom is virtual. Observational information will help you add some tailored points to your speech, but learning more about attitudes, interests, and prior knowledge will allow you to craft a more appealing or useful message.

Audience Analysis

Adapting to your Audience

Learning from your Audience

Multicultural and International Communication