Types of Reflection in the Commonplace Book: Unit Reflections

For each major assignment, you will complete a long-form reflection about your experience during the paper or project. Your teacher will provide specific instructions for these reflections, but generally they will have a word count requirement and some suggested questions to answer in your reflection. Unit reflections are usually completed after you have submitted a major project and are means to look back on several weeks of class.

Explore a Unit Reflection Prompt

Take a look at the following unit reflection prompt for an Argument essay and answer the questions below.

Write a reflection of at least 300 words in which you consider the Argument assignment.  You should post this reflection on your Commonplace Book. Below are some ideas to consider, though this is not an exhaustive list.  Please feel free to reflect in any way that you find helpful.

Some questions to consider (Ask yourself “Why?” and/or “Why does this matter?” after each question): What did I struggle with during this unit?; What came naturally or easily?; What would I do if I had more time?; Have I done writing like this before?; If I have, how was this process different/similar?; If I have not, what did I learn?; What do I think I did well in this paper?; What kind of commitment did I make to this paper (time, effort, etc.)?; What parts of class helped with this paper?; Do I now feel better prepared to analyze in other situations?; What homework assignments or other out-of-class work/experiences helped with this paper?; What did I discover about myself as a writer while working on this paper?; How would I define the argument (i.e., what were the defining characteristics of the paper I just completed)?; Did I think about the course learning outcomes on this paper?  If so, how and why?



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