Activity – Now What?

Now that you’ve completed Pathways as part of your Zx23 Grant Project, there are several activities to take on next.

If you are a faculty member, review the courses you teach that could easily convert to OER with adoptions as soon as possible, and begin the process of creating them, with support from Lumen Learning, if necessary.

If you are a department chair, program director or associate dean, work within your division to share information about developing Z-degrees at your college.

If you are a librarian, seek out as many open resources as you can, and instruct your faculty in how best to find and use them.

If you are an instructional designer, consider ways that the technology you support can best enhance the adoption of OER courses and materials at your college, and facilitate effective training.


1) Create an OER professional development plan and timeline with your team and your college. Include librarians, instructional designers, technology administrators, OER Committee members,  and anyone else who will be a part of growing the Z-degrees at your institution. Your plan should address how you will be offering Pathways training and OER workshops for your people. Contact Cheryl Huff, Zx23 Shepherdess,, and arrange for a workshop if that would help.

2) Join the VCCS OER Peer Group and get on the listserve at, if you haven’t already, and make plans to attend the meeting in the spring, as well as any activities between now and then.

3) Attend any OER subject webinars or events applicable to your work; you can sign up here:

4) Keep up to date with events and activities, as well as the OER Peer Group Blog, here: