Activity – OER Remix

In order to successfully complete this Activity, please follow these instructions.

  • Select: Choose a learning outcome from a course you are teaching, will teach or have taught to use as the basis for this exercise. You are NOT expected to build an entire Module – just start down the path to getting a module built.
  • Research: Use this Spreadsheet and the information in our content area as a starting point. Don’t forget to look at the Wiki from the previous Module to help you find content that aligns to your outcome. This can be textbook-type materials, a video, a simulation, slides or lecture notes – whatever you feel will benefit you and give you a level of comfort accomplishing this task.
  • Choose your open content. This is where you can use that Spreadsheet to help you keep track of the content and the licensing. If you look on that first sheet in your spreadsheet you will see an example of how this can be used to build out an entire course using OER.
  • Remix It!  You should produce something that you could deploy into your Blackboard Course NOW. (Doesn’t mean you have to – but it needs to be in a format that would allow you to upload into Blackboard). This means that simply finding a “link” to something out there isn’t enough! You need to ALTER the content in some way that improves the content or better aligns it with your learning outcome.
  • License It! Use the Creative Commons License Chooser to select the license you want to place on your ADAPTED content. Remember to adhere to the licensing already in place when you select your license.
  • Attribute it! Be sure to place proper attribution somewhere on the piece of content you are creating. Where and how you attribute will be determined by what you adopt and adapt. If you have questions … please post to the Discussion Board.
  • Submit It!   Everyone here is learning and no one expects you to get this 100% on the first go. The important part is that you start getting some practice! When you post your item to the Assignment, please make sure to include information regarding which course and learning outcome you chose for this assignment. If you have trouble, just let us know and we will help. I have created a Discussion Board for this assignment in case you run into technical problems and need someone to launch a life boat.
  • Talk About It in “OER Remix Lifeboat”! Post to the Discussion Board and tell us what you “Remixed” – you can attach a copy of your content to your post of you are so inclined! Tell us what went well, what was hard, what you would do different ….

Completion of this Activity: You will have successfully completed this activity when you have SUBMITTED your own adopted/adapted piece of openly licensed content AND posted to the discussion board reflecting on your experience.