Activity – Upload a Photo to Flickr

For this assessment you will UPLOAD a photograph to Flickr, placing on that photo whichever CC License you select. In order to save you the trouble of creating a Flickr Account you will log into Flick with the following credentials:

Username: tcctrain

Password: Pathways2014

Once you have posted your photo – you need to SHARE the photo and the URL, along with your license in the Blog “Flickr Photos”. I have already loaded one and posted my information so that you can see what it should look like. For guidance on posting to Flickr, you can watch yet another one of my videos below!

When you are finished uploading a photo to flickr, go to the FlickrĀ Blog where you will either post a link to your Flickr photo or actually embed your photo (either one is fine). Be sure to tell us a little about your picture and the CC License you selected for your photo.