Activity – How to Create a Wiki Post in Blackboard, Locate OER to Post

In this activity, you will locate “something” that supports our understanding of “Why Open?”.

Then post the link or embed the video into the Wiki along with a brief description of why you chose your “something”. Our goal is to gather content that supports the adoption of openly licensed content for educational purposes.

When we say “something” we mean anything out there on the Web that you choose – video, article, blog post, research. You are not limited to what you bring into the Wiki – just remember that this is a course on OER, so we don’t want to go out there and gather up an assortment of copyrighted materials if we can help it. (At this point we are forgiving of that, but it will get harder to slip that one by after the next Module.)

If you need help getting your content into the Wiki, just let me know and I can help!

Here is a video about how to use a Wiki in Blackboard.

Published on Jul 26, 2014

This video shows you how to use the Wiki feature in Blackboard 9.1. We cover posting to the Wiki, adding a comment to the Wiki as well as how to embed a link to the Web within your Wiki entry.