Finding CC Licensed Content

Recognizing a CC-Licensed Work on the Internet

It is possible to search for CC-licensed work in a variety of ways, but sometimes, you just want to be able to recognize a CC-licensed work when you see it while you’re out and about on the internet.

There are a few usual places where you are likely to spot the CC license icon or text on a website or blog.

For example, the footer is quite common…


Click the image to expand the view.


Click the image to expand the view.

And sometimes the sidebar…


Click the image to expand the view.

Sometimes the CC icon is missing, but there is text that says “license”…


Click the image to expand the view.

These icons are usually links, so if you cannot tell by looking which license the creator is using, you can click on the icon to get to the license itself.

Internet Search Options for CC-Licensed Works


Did you know that you can search specifically for openly licensed material on the internet? This video gives a detailed explanation of using the Advanced Search options in Google to search for properly licensed images. NOTE: The video shows using Firefox as the browser. If you are using another browser you may have to access the “Advanced Search” features either through the “Cog” on the upper right hand of your screen or the Setting hot link at the bottom of your browser window.





This video shows how to find CC licensed video content on YouTube, Vimeo and Khan Academy.




Organizing Your Digital OER Content

Now that you have learned how to find CC licensed works on the web, organize them so you can use them in your next course. This video provides an introduction to a web tool called Diigo that allows you to bookmark web pages and organize all the great OER content you have found.