Module 5 Outcomes and Roadmap


At the conclusion of this module, the student will have met the following learning objectives:

  • Analyze and select OER content that aligns to a unit level learning outcome
  • Modify OER content to improve alignment with a unit level learning outcome
  • Place proper licensing and attribution on adopted and adapted (remixed) content



Welcome to Module 5: Remix OER

So, now you know how to locate and attribute openly licensed content in a broad scope – time to get specific. For this Module you will look at a course you have taught, are teaching or will teach in the future and use OER to build content that is aligned with a Course and Module Level Learning Objective. The goal for this module is to get you comfortable with taking something that is “almost there” and putting the finishing touches on it to make it yours. You have a great deal of latitude in what you create in this Module. You can take a chapter from a text, a module from a course, an assessment from a CC licensed source – they key here is that you are comfortable at the end pulling a piece of openly licensed content off the Web, making changes to that content and then properly attributing that “new” content so that it could be shared at some point in the future. (You don’t have to share what you create in this Module, but we certainly encourage you to do this now or in the future!). So, let’s get started!

In order to successfully complete this module you will need to complete the following:

Module Content:

  1. TCC OER LibGuide (link to page)
  2. Creative Commons (link to search page)
  3. Open Professionals Education Network (link to search page)

Module Activities(Assessments):

  1. Complete the Activity: OER Remix. You will submit this as an Assessment. Instructions on how to complete this activity can be found in the Activities(Assessments) folder.
  2. Post to the Discussion Board: OER Remix Life Boat. Post to this Discussion if you need help or are having a rough time with any part of this assignment! We are all there to help one another, so please don’t be shy about asking because I am willing to bet that someone else has the same question or issue!

Once you have completed these items, you are ready to move on to the next Module.


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