Module 6 Outcomes and Roadmap

Welcome to Module 6: Create and Share



At the conclusion of this module, the student will have met the following learning outcomes

  • Create original course content, aligned to a unit level learning objective
  • Evaluate and select the appropriate CC license for the course content
  • Identify ways to Publish the content to the Creative Commons

Well, here we are at the last Module and we are going to put it all together! You have looked at what others have created, you have remixed something that was already created and now it is your turn to create a piece of openly licensed content that aligns to a course and unit level learning objective. How you share your content in the Commons can vary widely and you will look at some of the options open to you as a creator. Internally, content can be shared through an LMS, an institutional web page or other systems that have been established. The thing that makes OER work is the collaboration and sharing that can take place when we publish our work and allow others to apply the 5R’s.

So, now move on to the Module content and then get started creating!

In order to successfully complete this module you will need to complete the following:,

Module Content:

  1. Explore: Creative Commons License Chooser (web link)
  2. CC Wiki: Publish (web link)
  3. CC Wiki: Content Directories (web link)
  4. Watch: Posting a photograph to Flickr

Module Activities (Assessments):

  1. Publish a Photo! You will select a photograph that you have taken and upload it to Flickr. In order to upload your photo to Flickr you will need to sign in, but that part has been taken care of for you.
  2. Create OER. You will create an ORIGINAL piece of content. The requirements for this content is that it is aligned with a course and unit level learning outcome. When you create this content you will need to license it and give yourself attribution. This is the attribution that someone adopting your content would need to place on it before being able to use it in an open course.
  3. Course Evaluation. You knew you weren’t getting out of here without completing a course survey, didn’t you? We are asking for feedback on all facets of the course so that we can do everything possible to enhance your learning experience. Details on how this survey will be administered will be provided by your facilitator in the final week of the class.

Once you have completed these activities, you will need to contact your facilitator by whatever means is appropriate and a “Hidden Folder” will appear, just like unlocking a secret world in Super Mario Brothers.©  That folder will contain the wisdom of the ages, answers to life’s most pressing issues and a few minor details like your Course Completion Certificate and “next steps.” I look forward to receiving your communication!




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