What to do to get started …

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Well, you made it over here so now what? Just a few items before you launch into Module 1.

  1. Review and PRINT the Course Schedule. Although this course allows for a great amount of flexibility in terms of pacing, there are some deadlines that need to be met in order to allow us all to finish on time as well as maximize the interaction among the participants. Just think of it like this: “Early is great, late … not so much”! If you encounter life events that will impact your ability to maintain pace with the rest of the class, please contact me and we will evaluate your situation on an individual basis.
  2. Review the Course Structure information. The course is a series of Modules corresponding to the topics we will cover during our time together. All of the modules contain similar components so please familiarize yourself with what you can expect to find in each Module Folder.
  3. Meet your Facilitator. I have provided my contact information so that you can find me during our time together. Do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone if you encounter difficulties or have questions that are of a more personal nature. All other communication should be shared within the course so that your peers can benefit from your questions and the answers.
  4. Edit your Blackboard Profile. Some of you may have already done this, in which case “These are not the droids you are looking for – move along!” If you have not done this yet, click on the avatar in the upper right hand corner of the screen and your profile will open in a new window. At a minimum, please post a profile “picture” that will display when you post and participate throughout the course. 
  5. Introduce yourself to your peers. There is a link to the Discussion Board provided with instructions for your posting. I have gotten you started, but if you have questions please let me know. 

After you have completed these items, head on over to Module 1: Why Open? and get started!