Assignment: Audience Analysis for Persuasive Essay

Some audience analysis surveys look at demographic and ask about age, gender, culture, ethnicity, race, religion, and education level.  That is not what we are doing.  Do not ask any questions about income, age, or gender for this assignment.

To help you prepare for your persuasive speech, you will do an attitudinal analysis.  An attitudinal analysis studies the audience’s attitudes, beliefs, and values.

Read the following resources to help you prepare your survey questions:

Do not ask for respondent’s names!

Use a free survey tool. is one option.  Click here for help on how to use SurveyMonkey.

Prepare an attitudinal analysis of the audience (you classmates).  You will earn 20 points for creating a good survey and responding to your peers’ surveys.

Respond to your peer’s surveys.  Your responses will be confidential.