Sample Assessment: Business Letter in Action

Use the internet to research a possible employer you might work for upon graduation. List three things you really like about the employer and three things you would really like to know. Find the mailing address of the employer and a contact name for someone in human resources.  Try to find one specific name, but if that’s impossible, address your letter to the entire Human Resources Department.

Using the information you found on the Internet, compose your business letter using either full block formatting or modified block formatting.

Include the following components:

Sender’s Address will appear at top (without your name or title included)


Inside Address (include name and title of recipient)


Paragraph One – introduce yourself and tell the recipient why you are writing. Your first paragraph should be 2-4 sentences long.

Paragraph Two – tell the recipient why you are interested in their office or business, and why you think you will be successful there. This should be 3-6 sentences long.  This will be where you include the 3 things you like about this employer.

Paragraph Three – request additional information on three things you would like to know more about. List the three items in bullet form.

  • Item One – using complete sentences, list the questions like this with a bullet
  • Item Two
  • Item Three

Paragraph Four – thank the recipient for their time and assistance. Provide them with your contact information (Phone #/Email).

Closing, with your full name included and title if relevant.


Grading Rubric

 Category Pts Possible
Contains all components of assignment in appropriate lengths. Includes business address, personal address, opening, closing, and bulleted questions in body of letter.
Contains all components of assignment. Might have a component out of place, or be lacking bulleted questions, etc.
Contains most components of assignment. Might be missing some elements, or have little formal letter arrangement on the page.
10 pts
Letter politely and formally requests information about the business/position. Indication of at least 3 elements you admire about the company included. Four distinct sections in body paragraphs.
Letter requests information about the business/position. Indication of at least 1 element you admire about the company included. Distinct sections in body paragraphs, though perhaps not four in total.
Letter lacks clarity in the information being requested, and/or does not indicate any aspects of the company you admire. Does not show distinction in body content between different elements of assignment criteria.
15 pts
Grammar & Proofreading
Displays proper usage of formal, grammatical English. Shows evidence of careful proofreading.
Displays functional use of formal, grammatical English. Shows evidence of proofreading, though some lapses may be evident.
Little to no sentence variety. Frequently inappropriate vocabulary. Little evidence of proofreading; errors impede meaning.
10 pts