The Prego Incident

The following is a true story.  No names have been changed to protect anyone, as some are still bitter…

Way back in my undergraduate days, I was dating a young woman who was becoming an increasingly important part of my life.  Things were definitely moving to something beyond being ‘boyfriend and girlfriend” – things were getting ‘serious’.  We were no longer talking about what to do this weekend, but what we might do next year… or after we graduate.  You get the picture.  So one day I decided to prepare a romantic dinner for the two of us.  As a poor undergraduate student struggling to get by, my idea of a home-cooked meal didn’t go much further than what can be accomplished with about eight dollars, two pots, and one microwave oven  So for this particular and rather momentous moment, I chose to cook up and serve spaghetti and salad.

The table was set.  The candles were burning.  Adult contemporary alternative music played on a revolutionary audio device called a “CD Player”.  The salad had been finished.  It was time for the main course.  I piled spaghetti noodles on my girlfriend’s plate and began to ladle Prego sauce over her noodles hot out of the pot.  As the sauce poured out of the ladle, a large, cooked cockroach accompanied the sauce onto my girlfriend’s plate.

Without going into details, there was simply NO WAY that cockroach came from my kitchen.  I know it came from the sauce.  Anyway, you can image how we both felt after that incident.

Your Writing Assignment is to put yourself into my shoes and write a letter to the president of Prego about the incident.  Include as much detail as you can about the facts of the incident, your feelings about it, and any actions you expect Prego to take as well.

Once done writing, PROOF READ your paper, save it as an MS Word document, and submit it into the corresponding Blackboard assignment by using the Attach File submission button.

This exercise is to help me identify areas where we might want to pay special attention in terms of your writing.  It will also acquaint you with how I will be providing feedback on your writing, and hopefully helping you become a better writer in general and a better business writer in particular.