Module 12 Overview

What You’ll Learn To Do: Examine Modern art and how its artists contributed to the development of Western art.

In Module 12 we will examine Modern art. We will look at how artists like Matisse contributed to the development of Western art. It is imperative to understand Modern art in order to see how it impacted later artistic developments.

Learning Activities

Finger hovering over digital icons on a screenThe learning activities for this module include:

  • Review: Key Learning Items


  • Read: Introduction to Fauvism
  • Read: Matisse, Bonheur de Vivre
  • Read: Matisse, The Red Studio (includes a video: 9:10)
  • Read: Matisse, The Piano Lesson (includes a video: 4:06)


  • Watch: Kirchner, Street, Dresden (9:55)
  • Watch: Kandinsky, Composition VII (11:19)
  • Watch: Schiele, Seated Male Nude (2:59)


  • Read: Picasso, Still Life with Chair Caning (includes a video: 13:36)
  • Read: Picasso’s Early Works
  • Read: Picasso, Portrait of Gertrude Stein
  • Read: Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (includes a video: 7:44)
  • Watch: Picasso, The Reservoir (4:15)
  • Watch: Picasso, Guitar (4:16)
  • Watch: Picasso, Guernica (?)
  • Read: Braque, The Portuguese
  • Read: Braque, The Viaduct at L’Estaque (includes a video: 3:50)


  • Watch: Duchamp and the Ready-Mades (10:12)
  • Watch: Duchamp, In Advance of the Broken Arm (10:07)
  • Watch: Duchamp, Fountain (3:11)
  • Watch: Duchamp, The Red Box (4:59)
  • Watch: Arp, Untitled (3:34)
  • Watch: Hoch, Cut with the Kitchen Knife (12:00)
  • Watch: Klee, Twittering Machine (4:10)


  • Read: An Introduction to Futurism (includes a video: 0:19)
  • Watch: Three Futurists (11:25)


  • Watch: Malevich (10:26)


  • Watch: Mondrian, Composition No. II (6:02)

School of Paris

  • Watch: Modigliani, Young Woman in a Shirt (4:36)

Neue Sachlichkeit

  • Watch: Otto Dix (7:57)


  • Watch: Feininger, Cathedral (6:10)
  • Watch: Maholy-Nagy (4:14)

Extra Review

  • Review: External Resources


  • Submit: Module 12 Quiz (5 points)