Module 15 Overview

What You’ll Learn To Do: Examine Contemporary art and its artists.

In Module 15 we will continue to examine Contemporary art. We will look at how artists like Hirst contributed to the development of Western art. It is imperative to understand Contemporary art in order to see how it will impact the future.

Learning Activities

The learning activities for this module include:

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  • Review: Key Learning Items

Installation Art

  • Read: Understanding Installation Art

Conceptual Art

  • Read: Vito Acconci
  • Read: John Baldessari (includes a video: 3:34)

Institutional Critique

  • Watch: Hans Haacke (6:37)

Feminist Art

  • Read: Mary Kelly

Earth Art

  • Read: Robert Smithson (includes a video: 3:44)


  • Read: Bruce Nauman


  • Watch: Robert Colescott (4:38)

Young British Artists

  • Watch: Damien Hirst (7:48)

Twenty-First Century

  • Read: Art in the Twenty-First Century
  • Read: Ai Weiwei (includes a video: 11:37)

Extra Review

  • Review: External Resources


  • Submit: Module 15 Quiz (5 points)
  • Submit: Unit 2 Scavenger Hunt (50 points)
  • Complete: Exam 2